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Project background

Contemporary power dressing is not about adorning ornate and obvious symbols which are easily accessible in today's affluent age like cigar, big leather armchairs, plush carpets and expensive crystal glasses. While the Western concept of power dressing is largely based on these power symbols, the Indian concept is a bit different. Contrary to the popular belief, it is about creating an aura of mystique, suggestive of an elusive force, a world of hints, clues and obvious understatements mostly evident in mannerisms, postures and innate sense of style.

Unfortunately, most brands, in their endeavor to create an international imagery, have latched onto the western concept and, in the process, have made power dressing a mass-market concept. Lombard, as a brand approaches the power dressing from the Indian context and gives men’s Indian ethnic a modern twist to create a range for the new breed of leaders.

Questions posed

How can Indian ethnic, become a symbol of power dressing, and hence, formal wear?

A New Way Of Seeing
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