Brands are systems that are built around human motivations. We endeavor to experience those motivations for ourselves.

How we do it

Asking the questions that matter

We re-imagine the marketing questions by extracting them from the context of markets and placing them in context of people’s life. Thus arriving at fundamental questions that are begging to be answered.

Dig deep for answers that lie beyond the obvious

The answers to marketing challenges often lie outside the realm of marketing. We specialize in identifying and understanding the not so obvious forces that shape the world of brands and marketing.

We step outside the structure of marketing to look at consumers as human beings, marketers and brand owners as people with and organizations as cultures.

An in-depth- multidisciplinary enquiry

In order to explain visible marketing issues and opportunities we look at one thing from many perspectives.  We investigate brands and categories from diverse vantage points, of people, their lives, culture, mythology, marketing and organizations to develop an understanding of brands that is socio-culturally rich and nuanced.

Creating mental models of consumption

We don’t simply ask questions, we experience it for ourselves. We must have a human imagination of everything. From breakfasts, health & hygiene, outdoor culture, sports culture, money, fashion, education, time, mythologicals on TV, it goes on. We reconstruct how people imagine things to work in ways that a brand gets its story across. We call them mental models. A mental model can be used to imagine a product window of a beauty brand or sometimes to understand the true nature of a strategic problem. We use semiotics as a lens to crystallize and sharpen the landscape of possible offerings, forms, design codes. 

Articulating brands as ideas that are rooted in deep human insights

We weave diverse cultural nuances into a composite worldview that offers glimpses into possible brand expressions in terms of its attributes, features, communication, design, retail experience and packaging.  

Marketing solutions that are informed by brand thinking

We translate brand worldviews into actionable frameworks for marketing decisions. This exercise brings brandedness to day to day business reality.