Aashna Sajdeh
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“A brand is a living experience. It breathes. Through its people."

Curiosity has been Aashna's driving force from long before she knew the word. Growing up in a close knit family, with a penchant for the most explosive dinner table 'discussions', she learnt to articulate her own opinion.

After finishing her schooling, she joined Shri Ram College of Commerce where she explored the uncharted areas. Thereafter, she joined the Young India Fellowship which helped her expand her horizons and provided direction to her thoughts.

Inquisitive by nature, Aashna believes that people are a lot like new places, and one can only claim to know someone after understanding their history, context, and cultural perspective. According to her, it is only through our experiences that we learn and grow; and the only way to be in sync with this world is to move and experience it. An artist at heart, she loves to capture such experiences and paint them out. Chirpy and gregarious, she is dreamer, who dares to look beyond the usual.