Mandeep Sangatpuri

Sr. Design Strategist

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“Design not only actualises the brand idea but create the aura that people get attached to."

A passionate keeper of curious endeavours, Mandeep finds home in everything design and its power to make real change. She truly believes in the fearless possibilities of design improving the lives of the less fortunate. 

Good energy and an exhaustive sense of empathy bring her to journeys that involve doing meaningful things, things that are motivated by social responsibility. Even when it comes to people, Mandeep has a knack to surround herself with those who talk to her sense of being, especially when she mentors the young minds from NIFT. She makes connections with those who share her persistent advocacy of Human-Centric design.

She dabbled with art direction for 4 years before finding her true calling in design strategy and design research. A NID post-graduate, she has been with Futurebrands for more than 8 years. She currently works on crafting design strategies for brands based on research, reading and forecasting. Mandeep sums up her existence with an idea, tenacity and clarity of purpose with its roots in an enquiring design-led mind.