Tarini Bandhu

Associate Brand Strategy Director

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“Today, people are brands - especially in digital India where people have curated a world that works as 'branding' for them. Being a brand means thinking, breathing, thriving like people."

Tarini is a trained consumer insights and brand strategist who has worked across approaches ranging from ethnography and semiotics to newer methodologies using digital and mobile. Having worked consistently in a start-up environment in her previous stints, her growth has been marked by intense immersions in multiple categories and markets. A Psychology (Hons) graduate from Delhi University, followed by a post-graduate degree from MICA - her background is a marriage of human and cultural truths with bottomline business strategy. All her life she has been at once flummoxed and comforted by the chaos that is the Asian culture. She loves observing cultural shifts, seeing old-achool and new-aged ideologies clash, understanding how businesses adjust to rapidly evolving mindsets. All in all, her expertise lies in cracking this roller coaster. At other times, you will catch her watching the latest crime drama with her cats for company.