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Disorderly in India

In a globalized world, chains rule. Much loved brands across the board from McDonalds to Zara look the same, offer the same fare and take great pride in perfect replications across the globe. There are detailed manuals which make sure that even if natives of all descriptions join forces they will not…
Sraboni Bhaduri
04 Dec 2017

Big Content Data Supersets Journalism

Simply plural of the word ‘new’ or acronym N.E.W.S. i.e. noteworthy information from all four directions, the meaning of NEWS has evolved in 21st century. The most significant evolutionary moment in journalism coincided with new consumer technology intervention, pretty much like in most…
Atulit Saxena
28 Nov 2017

Conversations at Futurebrands: How to change the world, one story at a time

It was an afternoon of stories. Stories that make a difference. Stories that are not bound by budgets, spaces and audience. Radharani Mitra brought with her a narration of social change and the power of lightness to bring about that change. Radharani is BBC’s Media Action’s Global Creative…
22 Nov 2017

The Impossible Burden

For those of us living in cities who only encounter food related crisis in the form of exorbitant prices at our neighbourhood mandis from time to time, the crisis faced by our farmers across the length and breadth of this vast country seems like an bewildering knot of complications and contradictions.…
Anirban Mukherjee
01 Nov 2017

Punjab in your rear-view mirror

Growing up in a far-flung, prosperity-starved Bengal of the seventies and eighties Punjab was something that I perceived either through the veil of history and mythology or through limited interactions with the Sikh community of transporters and traders. They were seen to be a bulwark of moral uprightness…
Anirban Mukherjee
31 Oct 2017

Evangelize an Idea first. Build a Brand later

Soon we will have request from business schools in India to co-author case study on Brand Evangelism as Patanjali (an Indian cross category FMCG brand) will reportedly grow to  INR 5000 ( USD 757 Mn) FY 15-16 since its launch in 2009-10, at the fastest growth rate in Indian FMCG market,  as…
Atulit Saxena
30 Mar 2016

Real Power

Before Alexander died he asked people to display his empty hands to the world in his last journey. He wished to convey that all the power he fought for is not being taken by him but is being left behind. The warrior code of power lost to the ultimate reality and powerlessness in death. In the same way,…
Atulit Saxena
28 Mar 2016

The last slow-motion crawl

As the monsoon starts to fade somewhere in late August, Mumbai sets aside its umbrellas and bhajia platters and gears up up for a frenetic festive season. In every corner of India there is at least one festival that the locals claim as their own, in Mumbai it’s the Ganeshotsav, a ten day long…
Anirban Mukherjee
19 Nov 2015

Meat bans in Mumbai: Rethinking protest

When it comes to dietary habits, one would expect the State to concern itself with matters of nutrition, adequate or otherwise, among children, women and the poor. As the first year of its being the Government of Maharashtra comes to a close, the elected representatives of the people seem to have developed…
Anirban Mukherjee
19 Nov 2015

A spanner in the anthem

Imagine seeing young men and women from all over the country, waking up with a look of square jawed determination on their faces as they put on their construction helmets, laboratory coats, overalls and even spectacles in the slow, deliberate manner in which soldiers supposedly wear their body armor…
Anirban Mukherjee
19 Nov 2015

Leaving hunger behind

The preponderance of food in today’s social media, rapidly multiplying food reality shows on television and the emergence of an entire cheer-leading squad in the form of food bloggers, reviewers and critics?—?can create a sense that we are living in some kind of a gastronomic golden age.…
Anirban Mukherjee
11 Mar 2016

The changing quest for music

An idle fantasy of mine is to be able to go back into one’s own past carrying some wondrous product from today’s time and to confront one’s earlier self with the miracle just to see the reaction. Perhaps nothing would cause more astonishment than a smartphone, but (for the sake of…
Santosh Desai
01 Oct 2015