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Project background

Evening party wear is an integral part of any woman's wardrobe, especially dresses which can be formal, casual or playful in design. They are easily accessorized and, when worn with a great pair of shoes, they can really represent personal style.

It is a reflection of the many transformations of identity and experience that pepper the life of young working women today.  And also a great opportunity to build a premium, contemporary brand that she can enjoy, after work.

Primadiva filled a gap in our existing portfolio of fashion apparel, dominated by men’s formal and casual apparel and women’s ethnic wear.

Questions posed

Evening wear can be cold and uncomfortable. Like a uniform almost. Non distinct and almost “clonish”.

The primary challenge for Primadiva was to be able to offer a premium and distinct fashion language that allowed the young working women of today to make expressive and unique fashion statements.

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