Creating a new category by redefining existing four-wheeler paradigm

  • Brand definition
  • Category creation
Project completed: 2015
Project background

Eicher Motors Ltd., a leading Indian automobile manufacturer and Polaris a recognized global leader in the powersports industry came together to address a huge unmet need in the Indian automotive space. A personal vehicle loaded with utility. The existing brands either spoke to the small businesses through their load carrying capacities or to personal segment through their indulgent offerings. In effect the mobility solutions were not emerging from the life needs of the consumers but were being imposed by the manufactures. Eicher Polaris created a multi-purpose vehicle which can transform itself from a utility to personal vehicle with ease. It simultaneously offers the consumers a host of features created specifically to meet their needs viz. a Power Take Off that can generate electricity. Futurebrands was assigned the task of establishing this new category of vehicles, conceptualizing a brand that would connect powerfully with the Indian consumers. Essentially a strategic solution which leads tobrand idea, brand name, identity, logo, retail and design. 

From the client

They worked very closely with Eicher Polaris’s Marketing team to delve in consumer minds across markets

Futurebrands rich and sound knowledge on belly of the Indian Markets helped us detail our insights into a framework  which we were able to extrapolate to all the facets of Multix as a brand. They worked very closely with Eicher Polaris’s Marketing team to delve in consumer minds across markets through rich ethnographic studies and that subsequently lead to crafting the codes of our brands.

Radhesh Chandra Verma
CEO, Eicher Polaris Pvt. Ltd.

Questions posed

  • Establishing a new category and not just creating a new brand
  • Identifying the pin-point target group
  • What is the reference point for something that is first of its kind
  • Communicating the multiple nature of the product 
  • Arriving at consumer segmentation basis their engagement with the category and nature of occupation

A New Way Of Seeing
Our Reflections
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