Brands and organizations converse with culture. Listen on.


Futurebrands Consulting is founded on a cross-disciplinary approach to solve complex brand problems. We offer robust strategic solutions that bring together organizational dynamics, cultural understanding, semiotics, psychoanalytical frameworks, media and an intricate understanding of India and the Indian consumer thereby forging new pathways for brands.

Successful brands become a part of culture and in order to shape the destiny of the brand, brand strategy needs to be imagined in a new way beyond propositions and personality. Brands today are living in a culturally vibrant space. As culture becomes a charged space, brands need to host all things that are happening simultaneously and channel them.

As brands, markets and consumers evolve, the questions become more complex and connected. We believe brands need to evolve through a higher order of thinking.

1 Brand definition

Identifying a brand space and articulating the idea that it embodies. Creating a differentiated and culturally relevant brand that ties together our understanding of the consumer, culture, business and organization. We define newer brands, redefine classical ones, sharpen the unsure ones and bring forth the tacit ones

2 Portfolio strategy

A detailed brand portfolio strategy defining the relationship between marquee and sub-brands. We create guidelines; define boundaries while marking out overlapping spaces in the portfolio

3 Category creation

Establishing new category by reimagining not just the category but the consumer as well. Defining the newer codes and driving the category through new frame of references

4 Brand strategy and roadmap

Creating strategic framework, guidelines and guardrails for the brand to operate from. A roadmap that helps brands direct their energies while they create a cohesive and consistent story. Futurebrands provide brand with implications across communication, advertising, product, retail experiences, social media, identity and design

5 Brand re‐positioning

Reimagining brands to align with ever evolving consumer and culture. When the brands start to feel old or irrelevant, Futurebrands help instill a new belief both in the brand and the organization

6 Organizational internal branding

A powerful internal story that can rejuvenate an entire organization and give it a sense of purpose and direction

7 Strategies for social initiatives

Solving social problems through strategic thinking. Understanding socio-cultural behavior and applying it to real life problems is as exciting as it is challenging

8 India Entry

Situating global brands firmly in the culture through our robust in-house understanding of India in all its nuances and textures. Futurebrands help brands align their ideas and offerings so that they resonate deeply with the culture

9 Workshops and trainings

Equipping organizations and key stakeholders with a lens and a new way of seeing their brands, consumers, markets and organizations. India understanding, consumer immersion, brand thinking and cultural mapping are our key areas of expertise

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