Insight is a lever you need, to unlock any problem in a distinctive way. We go beyond the confines of conventional research to unravel the motivations driving brands, categories and consumers.

Insight is a much abused word in the brand lexicon but our definition of insight is ambitious in that it is designed to simultaneously look at all sources of meaning. The Futurebrands insights teams focuses on taking into account the larger societal & cultural surround and the shifts that are taking place. By unraveling the emotional narrative and decoding symbols & rituals we make sense of our world and therefore understand how categories, brands & products get interpreted.

We believe that cultural immersion is essential to get a holistic view. Our focus is on analyzing what the consumer does, rather than what she says. The category or brand is much more than a product. It is a meaning structure and is symbolic of a larger truth. We assess what the Brand means to consumer from its manifestations and actions. Futurebrands insights attempts to decode what is being symbolically consumed.

1 India Understanding

Interpreting your brand and category in the context of India’s changing socio-cultural fabric

2 Category Drivers

A semiotic mapping of the category looking at attitudes, meanings & symbols and behaviors surrounding it

3 Consumer worldview

A holistic understanding of consumers’ lives and worlds beyond the category and brand filter

4 Brand fit assessment

Diagnosis of design and communication manifestation of the brand

5 Consumer segmentation

A new way to segment the consumer driven by behavior, identity and way of living, instead of just psychographics

6 Understanding brand and category mental models

The fundamental constructs of the category or brand as it exists in the consumer’s mind

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