Discovering the soul of Titan

  • Brand definition
  • Portfolio strategy
  • Brand strategy and roadmap
  • Brand re‐positioning
Project completed: 2008
Project background

Titan is a truly iconic brand that has played a pivotal role in the lives of so many of us. In an India, starved of quality products, Titan came in and gave us a dazzling array of world class options. As the brand grew in size and began to cater to a very diverse set of consumers, and as the category itself started facing new kinds of challenges, mainly from the proliferation of timekeeping devices in our lives, Titan felt a need to step back, introspect about what lay at its core and then define a path for the future.

Questions posed

  • How to manage the brand image being constantly modified by brand extensions and sub-brands
  • How do we unify the brand appeal across its diverse consumers?
  • Need to clearly define the brand identity 
  • How do we define the boundaries of the brand – the extent of the consumer segments it can speak to?
  • How does a watch brand remain relevant in the era of ubiquitous time  

A New Way Of Seeing
Our Reflections
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