Creating mainstream acceptance for an alternate approach to education

Project background

idiscoveri, an education company focused on learning and leadership has a school curriculum program called XSEED. It was developed with an objective of providing a comprehensive solution for quality teaching & learning in schools. Through XSEED, idiscoveri wants to bring about a large scale change in how kids are being taught in India. The program challenges the mainstream pedagogical practice where children passively follow instructions. Focus is on active learning which encourages children to think and ask questions. XSEED equips teachers with innovative ways to teach, such that children thoroughly understand the concepts across various subjects in primary schooling. Idiscoveri wanted to create an acceptance for this new way of learning in the complete educational ecosystem that included school administrators, teachers and parents.

Questions posed

In a culture obsessed with ranks and marks where education gets equated to examination, how does one create tolerance for an alternate way of teaching and learning that evokes learner’s curiosity?
How to provide scale to a niche educational idea restricted to few schools in India

A New Way Of Seeing
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